Trajan Image Gallery

If you’re considering a Trajan saw, check out our gallery of product images. Up close, these machines are sleek, industrial tools designed for utility and accuracy. We’re proud to share these photographs of our Trajan band saws with you.

Trajan Up Close

We’re dedicated to making the most innovative cutting machines in the metal sawing industry. We engineer hardworking saws that make fast, accurate cuts and offer years of reliable service. When designing Trajan saws, efficiency and durability are qualities at the top of our list.

Trajan Saw Works is proud to support high standards of craftsmanship and quality. Years of building cutting machines have given us an edge: We know how to manufacture reliable, accurate band saws that prioritize operator safety and long-term performance.

Choosing a Trajan Machine

When you choose a Trajan band saw, you’ll get to take advantage of Trajan’s years of experience as a band saw manufacturer. Our comprehensive knowledge of the metal sawing industry has enabled us to build saws to suit a wide range of needs. We manufacture band saws suited to the at-home sawing enthusiast and saws suited to high-production industrial environments. All our saws come standard with advanced features and a host of operator conveniences, like a straightforward control panel located at the front of the saw for easy visibility. Furthermore, many of our saws have a coolant system that means shops can make handle both wet and dry cutting applications. These saws also often include a chip brush that sweeps debris away from the cutting surface.

Improving Blade Life

Coolant and chip brushes are just a few features on Trajan saws that are intended to help safeguard both the band saw and its blade. The carbide blade guides and vibration-reducing frames on many Trajan cutting machines also help to ensure accuracy and prolong band saw blade life.