Trajan 128HDR

Trajan 128HDR Information

Perfect for the hobbyist or at-home shop, the Trajan 128HDR offers excellent cutting capability in a transportable package. Its sturdy build and blade speed options means this saw can handle a range of materials, opening up options for additional projects. With its dual-swivel cutting angle, the Trajan 128HDR enables operators cut from -45 degrees to +60 degrees.


Operator Convenience
The Trajan 128HDR was designed with a high premium on operator safety and convenience, which is why it comes standard with a full blade cover. For convenience and efficiency, this cutting machine’s blades are easy to change. The manual tensioning mechanism means each blade remains at the proper tension level.

When it comes to clean up and transportation, the Trajan 128HDR shines. It comes standard with a chip brush, which helps to sweep chips and debris away from the band saw blade teeth and cutting surface. For additional convenience, the Trajan 128HDR is built with caster wheels and a handle, so it’s easy to move to the ideal location in your shop.


Pivot Style Cut Off Band Saw

  • Casting structure assures mechanical strength
  • Fully adjustable hydraulic downfeed controls the rate of descent
  • Full blade cover provides more safety
  • Step pulley allows for 3 different cutting speeds
  • Dual swivel cutting angle from -45 to +60 degrees
  • Quick fixture lock vise for optional selection
  • Stand jointed with pan for collecting chips and debris
  • Portable with casters
  • With standard blade and length stop set


Why Choose the Trajan 128HDR?

This cutting machine is a versatile tool for at-home or small shop cutting projects. Its ample cutting capacity and number of blade speeds mean that this saw is an outstanding machine with high-performing features. Its strong yet portable build means that operators don’t have to sacrifice portable convenience for effective, accurate cuts.  When you need a small saw with mitering capability, consider the Trajan 128HDR.

Trajan 128

Trajan 128 Information

Perfect for small shops or at-home shops, the Trajan 128 offers an impressive combination of features. Convenient controls and strong, vibration-resistant structure help ensure that the Trajan 128 makes accurate cuts every time. Operators can be confident that they’ll be safe as they use this compact cutting machine. Like all Trajan band saws, it features a full blade cover, blade guards, auto shut-off, safety interlock, and overload protection.

Mechanical Strength
For its size, this band saw has an extremely sturdy structure. Its base is built from heavyweight steel. The whole saw is constructed with casting structures, which also contribute to the Trajan 128’s strength. A vibration-resistant structure helps reduce damage to both the saw and the band saw blade, which helps shops save money in the long run.

Simple Operation
The Trajan 128 is easy to adjust to your exact specifications. It has three step belt speeds, so operators can choose the speed best suited to the job at hand. Not only can it cut at 0 to 45 degrees, the Trajan 128 can also easily switch from a horizontal to vertical cutting band saw, and visa versa. It has mitering capabilities up to 60 degrees. This saw also features mechanical controlled descent, so operators can control how quickly the blade descends, and an easily portable working stand for convenience.

For quick clean up and blade protection, the Trajan 128 comes standard with a chip brush, which sweeps chips away from the saw blade and cutting surface. Additional standard saw components include adjustable blade guides and rollers and a standard blade and length stop set.

5″ Metal Cutting Band Saw

  • Casting structure assures mechanical strength
  • Adjustable cutting speed from 0 degree to 45 degree
  • Saw bow with spring structure
  • Full blade cover provides more safety
  • 3 steps belt speeds allows different cutting speed
  • Convenient switch for easy operation
  • Compact size for easy moving
  • Instantly changed from horizontal to vertical cutting
  • With standard blade and length stop set


Trajan 510A

Trajan 510A Information

The Trajan 510A is one of our strongest and most powerful saws. Its heft and aggressive cutting capabilities mean this machine can handle the toughest of applications, making it a favorite among Trajan customers. Our primary goal for the Trajan 510A was to build a cutting instrument that delivers reliable, impressive performance day in and day out.


Incredible Cutting Capability
This cutting machine offers an outstanding cutting capability. It can cut up to 20 inch round materials and rectangular materials up to 20 X 28 inches. This massive saw, which weights 4,100 lbs, is built to reduce vibration and preserve blade life when it cuts. That’s why it’s constructed with a heavyweight table bed. The adjustable speed and sturdy structure of this saw mean it can handle a variety of materials.


Straightforward, Semi-Automatic Controls
Semi-Automatic controls mean the Trajan 510A is simple to operate. Thanks to the Programmable Logic Controller, the band saw operator doesn’t have to be present while the saw executes a cut. This computerized system enhances operational efficiency and makes achieving accurate cuts a breeze. As the saw cuts, it displays its speed on a digital readout. This feature ensures the operator can keep any eye on the blade speed as the cut progresses. The Trajan 510A is also equipped with a work light, which helps operators have a clear view of the touch screen when they program the saw’s next cut.


Dual Column, Semi Automatic Band Saw – Heavy Duty Band Saw

  • Hydraulic blade tension device
  • Digital blade speed readout
  • Work light
  • Variable blade speed by motor inverter
  • Rake device and hydraulic vise


Power and Precision in One Package
When you need a cutting machine that makes short work of tough, large materials, look no further than the Trajan 510A. It’s combination of features make it an easy band saw to operate without compromising on any power or accuracy. Engineered to protect blade life and handle long years of high-production performance, the Trajan 510A is a truly superior band saw.

Trajan 914

Trajan 914 Information

When you need a strong, reliable saw specialized to make vertical cuts, look to the Trajan 914. It’s a vertical saw designed to tackle a variety of materials, including ferrous and nonferrous metal applications. Equipped with a number of useful features, the Trajan 914 band saw is well-suited to many workshops with specialized vertical-cutting needs.


Fine-Tuned Controls
The Trajan 914 band saw can be fine-tuned to achieve the exact cut that a project demands. The self-feed feature means operators can concentrate on the task at hand. Its swivel vise can be adjusted for mitering, so operators can cut a different angles. The hydraulic feed control ensures that material enters the saw at the right rate. Blade speed and pitch selector controls help to cut material at the speed and slope the operator requires. In addition to these features, the Trajan 914 band saw comes with an optional work lamp, making it easy for operators to see what they’re doing.


Sturdy Frame
This vertical saw has a welded heavy gauge steel frame that helps reduce vibration when it cuts. The cast iron table also contributes to dampening the vibration. The less a band saw vibrates when it cuts, the less damage the band saw blade sustains and the more accurate the cut.

The Trajan 914 is an ideal tool for shops with vertical metal-cutting needs. Like all Trajan saws, it’s engineered for durability, efficiency, and long-term quality performance. If you’d like to learn more about the Trajan 914, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


9″ Vertical Band Saw – Metal-Cutting, Tool Room Band Saw

  • Vertical, self-feed band saw
  • Designed for multiple uses cutting both ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Welded frame and base of heavy gauge steel
  • Swivel vise for mitering
  • Heavy-duty cast iron table
  • Hydraulic feed control
  • Blade speed and pitch selector
  • Four foot pads
  • Worklamp for optional selection

Trajan 360A

Trajan 360A Information

If you need a heavy-duty, high-performing saw that boasts both speed and accuracy, the Trajan 360A is right up your alley. It’s a dual column, semi automatic cutting machine that packs a lot of power and operational efficiency. Designed with operator needs in mind, the Trajan 360A is packed with convenient features. Not only is it intended to make cutting faster and more precise, the Trajan 360A also helps to protect the band saw blade it uses.


Precise Control
Beginning with the most essential of precautions, the Trajan 360A has a worklight. This small, but extremely useful accessory illuminates essential parts of the saw so the operator can see clearly.

The Trajan 360A also has a digital blade speed read out. With this system monitoring the blade’s exact rate, the operator can always tell exactly how fast the saw is working. With speeds between 82 and 259 fmp, the Trajan 360A can handle a wide variety of materials and applications.


Protects the Band Saw Blade
With it’s sturdy structure, the Trajan 360A is engineered to reduce vibration during cuts. But it has several additional features that help protect its band saw blade. The chip brush, driven by the blade wheel, sweeps chips away from the cutting surface, helping to preserve the saw blade’s integrity. The Trajan 360A also comes standard with a handy chip collecting drawer, which stores the metal chips until clean up.

Many components of the Trajan 360A band saw blade contribute to it’s outstanding performance and cutting ability. Beyond mechanical power, the saw is engineered for weight and stability to help contribute to the accuracy of cuts and extend the life of its band saw blade.


Dual Column, Semi Automatic Band Saw – Heavy Duty Band Saw

  • Hydraulic vise
  • Variable blade speed
  • Chip brush driven by blade wheel
  • Blade Speed: 82~259fpm
  • Chip collecting drawer
  • Hydraulic blade tension
  • Digital blade speed read out
  • Work light

Trajan 250S

Trajan 250S Information

If your shop needs a saw that incorporates operator convenience, precise cutting capabilities, and high-performance efficiency, look to the Trajan 250S. This cutting machine offers a host of quality features that make it a valuable addition to many metal sawing shops. Its heavy-duty frame and strong structure mean the Trajan 20 can handle a variety of applications. Fine-tuned controls mean that operators can set the saw to their exact cutting specifications.


Offers Precise Control
With a manual swivel head and fully adjustable hydraulic downfeed controls, operators of the Trajan 250S can achieve precise control over the cut they want to make, fine-tuning the saw for their purposes. Furthermore, operators can monitor the cut as it occurs from the control panel located on top of the saw. The ability to carefully set the saw to the precise right cut means operators can be extremely accurate, a characteristic of the Trajan 250S also made possible by its strength and heft.


Strength and Stability
The Trajan 20 was designed for stability. It has a cast iron base and a heavy gauge steel structure. This saw resists vibration and performs excellently in high-production conditions. It’s heavy build is extremely durable and helps maintain low costs, like less spending on band saw blades. Carbide blade guides on the Trajan 250S also contribute to both cutting stability and improved blade life.


Manual, Swivel Head, Variable Speed Band Saw

  • Heavy Duty Band Saw
  • Manual swivel head
  • Variable speed
  • Motor: 2HP
  • Blade speed: 82~259fpm
  • Blade size: 10′ 1″ x .035″ x 1′
  • Cast iron base and blade wheels coupled with heavy gauge steel means this saw performs excellently while maintaining low cost
  • Fully adjustable hydraulic downfeed controls the rate of descent
  • Control panel conveniently installed on top of saw
  • High efficiency variable speed pulley incorporated for ease in changing speeds
  • Carbide guide enhances cutting stability and extends blade life
  • Cutting angle from 0 to 45 degrees
  • Stand with integrated coolant pan for collecting chips and water
  • Accessories include: Coolant system for wet cutting, bi-metal blade, chip brush and length stop

Trajan 20

Trajan 20 Information

Choose the Trajan 20 when you need a heavy-duty band saw that can handle a variety of applications. This cutting machine is engineered to cut through some of the hardest metals. Its features and specs combine to form a powerful, high-performing saw with modern conveniences.


Operator Convenience
With a large working platform, the Trajan 20 band saw offers enough elbow room so operators can work comfortably. This cutting machine is also engineered for quick clean up: it’s cleaning hose and nozzle make washing down this saw a snap.


Sturdy Build and Stable Cuts
The Trajan 20’s is a sturdy cutting machine. It’s overall structure contributes to the saw’s cutting capabilities. The stand, for example, lends stability to the machine body. Tungsten blade guides keep saw blades steady as they cut, which also improves blade life. In designing the Trajan 20 for maximum stability, we also enlarged the hydraulic cylinder and buffer spring. This is one sturdy saw.


Precise Control
Complete with a high gear drive and variable step-pulley, the Trajan 20 has a fast changing speed. This saw also has a hydraulic saw arm lifting system that can raise and lower the saw head according to the operator’s speed preference.


Deluxe Heavy Duty Band Saw – 13″ x 18″ Semi-Auto, Heavy Duty, Metal Cutting Band Saw

  • Larger working platform and rear roller table enhance working convenience
  • Deluxe stand stabilizes the machine body
  • High gear drive system incorporates a variable step pulley, which provides fast changing speed
  • Tungsten blade guide helps to maintain the cutting stability and extend the blade life
  • Enlarged hydraulic cylinder and buffer spring enhance the cutting stability
  • Hydraulic saw arm lifting system can lift the saw head up and down with preferred speed
  • Designed Tru-Lock Vise provides fast clamping
  • Cutting angle from 0 to -60 degrees without moving stock
  • Cleaning hose and nozzle assist in washing chips away
  • Coolant system for wet cutting
  • With Bi-metal blade, chip brush and length stop set
  • Includes laser indicator and hydraulic tension meter

Trajan 125

Trajan 125 Information

This portable Trajan 125 band saw can easily be carried to your worksite. At Trajan, we understand how essential it is for metal sawing shops to take on a variety of jobs. No one should be forced to sacrifice efficiency for size. That’s why we designed the Trajan 125 band saw to meet the needs of operators while they’re on the go. It may be small, but this cutting machine makes quick work of a variety of applications regardless of where you use it.


Portable Convenience
A snap to to carry to and from the worksite, the Trajan 125 band saw was designed with an arch-blocking device for operator convenience. This feature makes the 125 band saw easy for operators to handle. Its compact design and strong, but lightweight build means operators can go mobile without compromising precise cutting capabilities.

Easy Control
For quick operation in the field, the Trajan 125 band saw offers simple blade tensioning. It also cuts without coolant and uses a standard blade length stop set. The sturdy 110v single phase motor comes with an electronic blade speed regulator. This saw offers powerful potential in a small package, ensuring operators don’t have to compromise on quality in order to achieve rapid, accurate cuts. Whether operators are in the workhouse or on site, the Trajan 125 is an effective, hardworking saw.

High-Quality Variable Speed Portable Band Saw

  • Adjustable left cutting angle from 0 to 60 degrees
  • Powerful 110v single phase motor with electronic blade speed regulator
  • Anti-reset safety function
  • Simplified blade tensioning
  • Easy to carry
  • Designed arch-blocking device for easy handling
  • With standard blade and length stop set
  • Cuts without lubrication


Contact Trajan
If you have any questions about the Trajan 125 band saw, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re available by phone at 800-743-9313 and via online form. Trajan is committed to the satisfaction of our clients. We’re always eager for feedback.

Trajan 270

Trajan 270 Information

Trajan Saw Works offers band saws fine-tuned to operator’s needs. The Trajan 270 is no exception. Its impressive array of standard features make it well suited to a wide array of shops. If your shop prioritizes precision cutting, band saw blade protection, and quick clean up, the Trajan 270 may be ideal for your shop.


Precise control
The adjustable blade guide helps to ensure that the Trajan 270 band saw will make the precise cut that the operator sets. The blade tension indicator helps operators to get the exact cut they require for delicate applications. Adjustable hydraulic downfeed controls also ensure that the saw cuts exactly as the operator intended.


Protects blade
The Trajan 270, like all Trajan band saws, is engineered to protect the band saw blade it’s using. Years of experience in the band saw industry has taught us what to prioritize in saw design. Many of the factors that make Trajan cutting machines to accurate also helps protect the band saw blade: the less vibration, the less wear and tear the blade has to take.


Quick clean up
Built with operator convenience in mind, the Trajan 270 band saw has a coolant pan designed to collect chips and coolant while the saw makes a cut. This feature makes for quick clean up between jobs. The chip brush also helps to sweep debris away from the cutting surface, which contributes to our effort to reduce blade damage.


High Performance Fabrication Saw – 9″ Geared Drive, One-Way Swivel Band Saw

  • Cutting angle from 0 degree to 60 degree
  • Adjustable blade guide for high precision and long blade life
  • Stand jointed with coolant pan for collecting chips and coolant
  • Coolant system for wet cutting
  • With bi-metal blade, chip brush and length stop set
  • Blade tension indicator
  • Fully adjustable hydraulic downfeed handles the rate of descent for optional selection
  • Variable blade speed

Trajan 916SV

Trajan 916SV Information

High-Quality, Low-Cost Band Saw – 9″ x 16″ Variable Speed Metal Cutting Band Saw
Choose the Trajan 916SV when you need a band saw that offers operators control and convenience. This cutting machine is engineered to perform with high efficiency in a variety of environments.


Highly efficient and economic
The Trajan 916SV is built with durable materials that help reduce vibration, improving performance and helping the band saw to function efficiently. This cutting machine was built with operators in mind: its control panel is located on the top of the saw so operators can watch the cut as it occurs. This saw makes quick, precise cuts and helps projects run smoothly.


Extends blade life
The Trajan 916SV is equipped with bearing carbide blade guides. Like the heavy gauge steel saw head, these guides protect the band saw blade by reducing vibration. They also contribute to the saw’s ability to make precise cuts.

A coolant system also comes standard on every Trajan 916SV band saw. The right coolant also supports band saw blade protection. It washes chips away from the cutting surface and keeps the blade at an appropriate cutting temperature. The chip brush also helps bush chips away from the band saw blade.


Exclusive features
Each Trajan 916SV comes standard with a laser indicator that helps operators make precise cuts quickly. It also has a hydraulic tension meter.

  • Casting base and blade wheel jointed with heavy gauge steel saw head performs excellently with economic cost
  • Fully adjustable hydraulic downfeed controls the rate of descent
  • Control panel installed on top of saw head for more convenient operation
  • High efficiency variable speed pulley incorporates ease in changing speeds
  • Bearing carbide guide enhances cutting stability and extends the blade life
  • Cutting angle from 0 degree to 45 degree
  • Stand jointed with coolant pan for collecting chips and water
  • Coolant system for wet cutting
  • With bi-metal blade, chip brush and length stop set
  • Includes laser indicator and hydraulic tension meter