Trajan 128

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Trajan 128 Information

Perfect for small shops or at-home shops, the Trajan 128 offers an impressive combination of features. Convenient controls and strong, vibration-resistant structure help ensure that the Trajan 128 makes accurate cuts every time. Operators can be confident that they’ll be safe as they use this compact cutting machine. Like all Trajan band saws, it features a full blade cover, blade guards, auto shut-off, safety interlock, and overload protection.

Mechanical Strength
For its size, this band saw has an extremely sturdy structure. Its base is built from heavyweight steel. The whole saw is constructed with casting structures, which also contribute to the Trajan 128’s strength. A vibration-resistant structure helps reduce damage to both the saw and the band saw blade, which helps shops save money in the long run.

Simple Operation
The Trajan 128 is easy to adjust to your exact specifications. It has three step belt speeds, so operators can choose the speed best suited to the job at hand. Not only can it cut at 0 to 45 degrees, the Trajan 128 can also easily switch from a horizontal to vertical cutting band saw, and visa versa. It has mitering capabilities up to 60 degrees. This saw also features mechanical controlled descent, so operators can control how quickly the blade descends, and an easily portable working stand for convenience.

For quick clean up and blade protection, the Trajan 128 comes standard with a chip brush, which sweeps chips away from the saw blade and cutting surface. Additional standard saw components include adjustable blade guides and rollers and a standard blade and length stop set.

5″ Metal Cutting Band Saw

  • Casting structure assures mechanical strength
  • Adjustable cutting speed from 0 degree to 45 degree
  • Saw bow with spring structure
  • Full blade cover provides more safety
  • 3 steps belt speeds allows different cutting speed
  • Convenient switch for easy operation
  • Compact size for easy moving
  • Instantly changed from horizontal to vertical cutting
  • With standard blade and length stop set