Trajan 1319

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Trajan 1319 Information

Professional Heavy Duty Band Saw – 13″ x 19″ Two-Way Swivel, Heavy Duty Band Saw

The Trajan 1319 band saw offers a balance of efficiency, convenience, and power. It’s also engineered to prolong band saw blade life. Features designed to facilitate accurate, rapid cuts, like the heavy-dutry structure and Tungsten blade guides, also contribute to an overall reduction in vibration. With less vibration, cuts are not as likely to damage the band saw blades.

Preserves Band Saw Blade Life
The coolant system that comes standard on the Trajan 1319 also helps to increase band saw blade life. It’s stream of fluid prevents chips from accumulating on the cutting surface. It also helps to keep the blade at a steady temperature throughout the process.

Prioritizes Operator Convenience
With a dual swivel cutting angle, this cutting machine enables shops to tackle more jobs. Because operators don’t need to move the stock, the Trajan 1319 helps contribute to overall workplace flow. It speeds through projects and makes short work of many applications. Furthermore, the Trajan 1319 has a one-piece stand equipped with swivel control box. This means operators can adjust the control box for their convenience.

Trajan 1319 Features

  • New type one-piece stand with swivel control box for very convenient operation
  • High efficiency gear drive system incorporated to variable step pulley provides fast changing speed
  • Enlarged hydraulic cylinder and buffer spring enhances the cutting stability
  • Professional semi-auto hydraulic system can make a perfect cutting cycle with lifting the saw head to correct height and cutting down
  • Hydraulic vise system installed for clamping different size workpiece
  • Tungsten blade guide helps to maintain the cutting stability and extend the blade life
  • Dual swivel cutting angle from 0 to -45 and +60 degrees without moving stock
  • Cleaning hose and nozzle assist in washing chips away
  • Coolant system for wet cutting
  • With Bi-metal blade, chip brush and length stop set
  • Optional selection includes laser indicator and hydraulic tension meter