Trajan 20

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Trajan 20 Information

Choose the Trajan 20 when you need a heavy-duty band saw that can handle a variety of applications. This cutting machine is engineered to cut through some of the hardest metals. Its features and specs combine to form a powerful, high-performing saw with modern conveniences.


Operator Convenience
With a large working platform, the Trajan 20 band saw offers enough elbow room so operators can work comfortably. This cutting machine is also engineered for quick clean up: it’s cleaning hose and nozzle make washing down this saw a snap.


Sturdy Build and Stable Cuts
The Trajan 20’s is a sturdy cutting machine. It’s overall structure contributes to the saw’s cutting capabilities. The stand, for example, lends stability to the machine body. Tungsten blade guides keep saw blades steady as they cut, which also improves blade life. In designing the Trajan 20 for maximum stability, we also enlarged the hydraulic cylinder and buffer spring. This is one sturdy saw.


Precise Control
Complete with a high gear drive and variable step-pulley, the Trajan 20 has a fast changing speed. This saw also has a hydraulic saw arm lifting system that can raise and lower the saw head according to the operator’s speed preference.


Deluxe Heavy Duty Band Saw – 13″ x 18″ Semi-Auto, Heavy Duty, Metal Cutting Band Saw

  • Larger working platform and rear roller table enhance working convenience
  • Deluxe stand stabilizes the machine body
  • High gear drive system incorporates a variable step pulley, which provides fast changing speed
  • Tungsten blade guide helps to maintain the cutting stability and extend the blade life
  • Enlarged hydraulic cylinder and buffer spring enhance the cutting stability
  • Hydraulic saw arm lifting system can lift the saw head up and down with preferred speed
  • Designed Tru-Lock Vise provides fast clamping
  • Cutting angle from 0 to -60 degrees without moving stock
  • Cleaning hose and nozzle assist in washing chips away
  • Coolant system for wet cutting
  • With Bi-metal blade, chip brush and length stop set
  • Includes laser indicator and hydraulic tension meter