Trajan 510A

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Trajan 510A Information

The Trajan 510A is one of our strongest and most powerful saws. Its heft and aggressive cutting capabilities mean this machine can handle the toughest of applications, making it a favorite among Trajan customers. Our primary goal for the Trajan 510A was to build a cutting instrument that delivers reliable, impressive performance day in and day out.


Incredible Cutting Capability
This cutting machine offers an outstanding cutting capability. It can cut up to 20 inch round materials and rectangular materials up to 20 X 28 inches. This massive saw, which weights 4,100 lbs, is built to reduce vibration and preserve blade life when it cuts. That’s why it’s constructed with a heavyweight table bed. The adjustable speed and sturdy structure of this saw mean it can handle a variety of materials.


Straightforward, Semi-Automatic Controls
Semi-Automatic controls mean the Trajan 510A is simple to operate. Thanks to the Programmable Logic Controller, the band saw operator doesn’t have to be present while the saw executes a cut. This computerized system enhances operational efficiency and makes achieving accurate cuts a breeze. As the saw cuts, it displays its speed on a digital readout. This feature ensures the operator can keep any eye on the blade speed as the cut progresses. The Trajan 510A is also equipped with a work light, which helps operators have a clear view of the touch screen when they program the saw’s next cut.


Dual Column, Semi Automatic Band Saw – Heavy Duty Band Saw

  • Hydraulic blade tension device
  • Digital blade speed readout
  • Work light
  • Variable blade speed by motor inverter
  • Rake device and hydraulic vise


Power and Precision in One Package
When you need a cutting machine that makes short work of tough, large materials, look no further than the Trajan 510A. It’s combination of features make it an easy band saw to operate without compromising on any power or accuracy. Engineered to protect blade life and handle long years of high-production performance, the Trajan 510A is a truly superior band saw.