Trajan 914

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Trajan 914 Information

When you need a strong, reliable saw specialized to make vertical cuts, look to the Trajan 914. It’s a vertical saw designed to tackle a variety of materials, including ferrous and nonferrous metal applications. Equipped with a number of useful features, the Trajan 914 band saw is well-suited to many workshops with specialized vertical-cutting needs.


Fine-Tuned Controls
The Trajan 914 band saw can be fine-tuned to achieve the exact cut that a project demands. The self-feed feature means operators can concentrate on the task at hand. Its swivel vise can be adjusted for mitering, so operators can cut a different angles. The hydraulic feed control ensures that material enters the saw at the right rate. Blade speed and pitch selector controls help to cut material at the speed and slope the operator requires. In addition to these features, the Trajan 914 band saw comes with an optional work lamp, making it easy for operators to see what they’re doing.


Sturdy Frame
This vertical saw has a welded heavy gauge steel frame that helps reduce vibration when it cuts. The cast iron table also contributes to dampening the vibration. The less a band saw vibrates when it cuts, the less damage the band saw blade sustains and the more accurate the cut.

The Trajan 914 is an ideal tool for shops with vertical metal-cutting needs. Like all Trajan saws, it’s engineered for durability, efficiency, and long-term quality performance. If you’d like to learn more about the Trajan 914, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


9″ Vertical Band Saw – Metal-Cutting, Tool Room Band Saw

  • Vertical, self-feed band saw
  • Designed for multiple uses cutting both ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Welded frame and base of heavy gauge steel
  • Swivel vise for mitering
  • Heavy-duty cast iron table
  • Hydraulic feed control
  • Blade speed and pitch selector
  • Four foot pads
  • Worklamp for optional selection